About us

Menacing Valor was founded on the basic principle of NEVER giving up.
On any given day, we are all confronted by challenges of one type or another.
Whether it’s a championship game, an exam at school, a health issue or some other trial of life, we all have battles that must be fought.
There are moments in life that one feels a sense of hopelessness and that giving any effort is pointless and it is at these moments that one's fighting spirit engages.
The concept of Menacing Valor started in 2013 after the president of the company was involved in a car accident that all but ended his martial arts and fighting career. The recovery process was long and grueling, and at many points a feeling of hopelessness set in causing him to want to quit and submit to the pain and weakness.
Thanks to the love and support of his family and friends, as well as the perseverance he got from years of martial arts training, he was able to overcome the obstacles that were placed in front of him.
The difference between a white belt and a black belt, the difference between a student and a teacher, the difference between a soldier and a general, or a challenger and a champion is one simple thing: NEVER GIVING UP OR QUITTING!

The president of Menacing Valor always loves to hear about individuals overcoming obstacles. Drop us an email or reach out to us on Twitter at @MenacingValor